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Photographer | Videographer | Storyteller

Photography is the light, details, and wholeness in one click that live forever.

It's about loving everything about us that we already love and silently hate.

It's about being present in the dark and light without any doubt in our precious uniqueness and inner shine.


Being born between the pines, cold sea, and crisp air also meant waiting for the sunny days for long months. I wrapped myself into this nature of darkness to survive until the sun comes back and brightens our lives with long summer days. I tried to escape it for a long time until l I finally decided to learn its gifts.

The darkness brought me very close to me while the sun brightened everything from the outside.


Inside I was late but awaited child of grown-up last love. I couldn't take it easy and always compared my parents' wrinkles with others, much younger ones.

Back then, I didn't grasp yet that those wrinkles meant the experience which leads to me present in this world and being the fruit of last love was a pretty big responsibility for the tiny girl.

I wanted to be the same as others, because I didn't know anything about being unique. I got the education that was all about being great in detail and numbers that served me great in the logical and prestigious grown-ups world.

The Wholeness

We all have this magic day that instantly transfers us from No to Yes.

I sold my precious belongings to get my first camera and lens. Probably the very first insanity I did.

With my camera I could stay in darkness and still see the light of every moment. This light brought out unforgettable moments and stories of life in one breath, one click of my cam, and yes, I feel my camera is a living being.

Each person behind my camera trusted the light, gathered all precious experience for every click, and trusted me to witness this fantastic experience.

It all came together – games of light, nature cycles, life experiences born into tiny eternities to reveal my real passion and love.

The Photography

Me - witnessing You - with love, respect and total acceptance.